Case Results


Client was stopped by ICE for an alleged traffic violation, was arrested and placed in removal proceedings. ICE alleged that Client was in the U.S. in violation of the law and that Client should be deported. Client retained attorney Chelico for representation. Attorney Chelico reviewed the case and determined that the traffic stop was unlawful and that pursuant to a federal case ICE has not authority to make a traffic stop. Attorney Chelico denied all allegations and filed a motion to suppress and terminate removal proceedings.

Case Results

After reviewing the motion to suppress, the judge indicated that Client has estbalished sufficient basis to suppress the evidence. The government agreed to close the case. Client was not deported.


Client, who was a U.S. citizen living abroad, got married to a foreign-born national and wanted to move into the U.S. with spouse as soon as possible. Client retained Attorney Chelico for representation. Attorney Chelico reviewed current law and determined that because the U.S. citizen spouse was residing abroad for more than 6 months, the petition could be filed directly with the consular’s office and there was no need to file the petition with USCIS. This filing process was previously suspended but was recently reinstated. Attorney Chelico proceeded accordingly.

Case Results

Immigrant visa was approved and issued in less than 4 months from the original filing date.


Client was denied a non-immigrant visa by a consular’s office on the basis of a conviction that the client had previously sustained while in the U.S. Client retained the Attorney Chelico for representation. Attorney Chelico reviewed the case information and determined that while the conviction in the case could have been charged either as a felony or a misdemeanor, client’s conviction was for a misdemeanor. Ninth Circuit precedent case law holds that when such is the case, the conviction is a misdemeanor for all purposes including immigration. Attorney Chelico filed a brief with the consular’s office pointing to supporting law and argued that the conviction fell under the petty offense exception for which no waiver is required.

Case Results

After the consular’s office conducted administrative review, the prior decision denying the non-immigrant visa was reversed and client was issued the visa.


Client was charged with Misdemeanor reckless driving. Client retained Attorney Chelico for representation. Attorney Chelico negotiated a deal for a dismissal of the Misdemeanor charge in exchange for an infraction if client completes community service and complies with other minimal requirements.

Case Results

Misdemeanor case is dismissed and replaced with a traffic infraction after client completed requirements.


Client was charged with Misdemeanor driving without a license. Client was unable to attend court proceeding and retained Attorney Chelico for representation. Attorney Chelico appeared on behalf of client and requested a reduction of the misdemeanor to an infraction.

Case Results

Misdemeanor charge was replaced with an infraction. Now client will not have a criminal conviction on record.


Client was detained by ICE due to misunderstanding in client’s visa status which resulted in an expedited order of removal. All client wanted was to return to home country. ICE refused to release client until procedural steps are completed. Client retained Attorney Chelico for representation. After giving the government an opportunity to release client did not result in any action, attorney Chelico filed a Writ ofHabeas Corpus in Federal District Court requesting a court order for release of client from unlawful detention. The District Court issued an Order to Show Cause.

Case Results

Shortly after the Writ of Habeas Corpus was filed, client was released from custody and permitted to return home. Case was subsequently dismissed without prejudice upon client’s request.