Case Results


Client was denied all relief by the Immigration Court and was ordered removed after the Court determined that the client was convicted of a particularly serious crime and was not eligible for any relief. Attorney Chelico who represented client at trial filed an appeal arguing that the Court made several legal and factual errors in its decision.

Case Results

In an unpublished decision by a panel of three Judges, the Board of Immigration Appeals sustained the appeal on most of the grounds raised by Attorney Chelico including that the client was not convicted of a particularly serious crime, thus reversing the order of removal. The case was remanded to the immigration trial Court. Client no longer has an order of removal and has a new chance to seek relief.


Client had an old felony conviction that prevented client from seeking certain opportunities. Client retained Attorney Chelico for representation in reducing his conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor.

Case Results

Attroney Chelico filed and argued the motion for reducing the conviction from a felony to a misdemeanor. After several hearings on certain factual matter, the Court granted the motion and reduced the conviction to a misdemeanor.


Client’s immigrant visa petition along with that for his wife and child were denied by the U.S. Embassy overseas on the basis of public charge finding. The Embassy reinstated the denial after additional financial evidence was submitted and after a local Congressman intervened on client’s behalf. After exhausting all pre-litigation remedies to resolve the issue with the Embassy, Attorney Chelico filed a federal lawsuit against the U.S. Embassy arguing that the denial of the immigrant visa had no legal basis and was in bad faith

Case Results

Shortly after the lawsuit was filed, the U.S. Embassy recalled the client for a new interview, requested additional documents, which were promptly provided under the guidance of Attorney Chelico, and issued the visa for him and his family. Upon issuing the visa, client agreed to dismiss lawsuit against the Embassy.


Client waiver of inadmissibility on the basis of unlawful presence was denied by the U.S. Embassy abroad. Attorney Chelico who represented client in the waiver application filed an appeal with the Administrative Appeals Unit arguing that the denial of the waiver was wrongful and should be reversed.

Case Results

In a detailed opinion, the Administrative Appeals Unit reversed the denial of the waiver of inadmissibility and ordered that the waiver is approved. Client can now enjoy the benefit of becoming a lawful permanent resident of the United States.


Client was charged with multiple felony counts for which an arrest warrant was issued and Client was being sought by law enforcement. Client was concerned about the outstanding criminal charges because Client faced a potential prison sentence of several years as well as the possibility of detention and deportation by ICE. Client retained attorney Chelico for representation in the criminal and immigration matters after consulting several other attorneys.

Case Results

After attorney Chelico represented Client at arraingment; several pre-preliminary hearings and negotiations with the DA’s office, ALL felony charges against Client were dimissed and Client pleaded to a minor misdemeanor offense for which the imposed jail time was one day.

Subsequently, attorney Chelico represented Client in the immigration matter and Client became a legal resident of the U.S.


Client was a victim of domestic violence in a foreign country and came to the U.S. to seek protection. Client contacted other attorneys in regards to Client’s situation and was informed that the facts of Client’s case were insufficient for a grant of asylum. Client contacted Attorney Chelico for representation.

Case Results

After Attorney Chelico was retained, he reviewed the facts of the case and the law and determined that Client’s circumstances constituted persecution under a newly recognized area of law. Attorney Chelico represented Client in an asylum application in which Client indicated the actual circumstances of the case.

Within less than 45 days from the filing of the application, Client’s application was approved and Client was granted asylum status in the U.S.