Case Results


Client was arrested on an alleged charge of battery on a spouse for which a criminal complaint was filed. Client was represented by the public defender’s office and pleaded to the charge in the complaint. The offense carried a maximum sentence of one year in county jail. Subsequently, Client realized the possible devastating immigration consequences of the plea. Client contacted other attorneys in an attempt to attack the conviction and was informed by some that they could not assist him. Client contacted and retained Attorney Chelico for representation.

Case Results

After Attorney Chelico was retained, he conducted a thorough and extensive investigation of the case and determined that Client received ineffective assistance of counsel and that the plea was not knowing or willful. Attorney Chelico filed a motion to vacate the conviction.

At the second hearing on the motion, the District Attorney’s Office agreed that the motion had merits and the Court vacated and dismissed the conviction for battery on a spouse. Client pleaded to an alternate minor offense that did not involve a battery on a spouse and that carried a maximum sentence of 90 days.


Client was placed in removal proceedings after an alleged a traffic stop during which Client was allegedly coerced in making an admission concerning alleged unlawful presence. Client was arrested and placed in removal proceedings and a high bond was placed. Client contacted Attorney Chelico after being informed by other attorney that the legal option was to leave the country.

Case Results

After Client retained Attorney Chelico for representation, removal proceedings were dismissed without prejduice. Client will no longer have to go court and was recently approved for employment authorization. Client’s high bond amount was returned.


Client, who was a long time lawful permanent resident, was detained by ICE and placed in removal proceedings due to a drug-related conviction. Client had other convictions as well. Client retained attorney Chelico who filed an application for relief on behalf of Client.

Case Results

Cancellation of removal was granted and Client was released from detention after the case was approved by the court. The government did not oppose relief and agreed to give Client a second chance.


Client was the subject of a criminal investigation concerning alleged child abuse charges. A similar claim was made against Client in a civil proceeding. The criminal and civil allegations were confronting Client at the same time and threatend to compromise Client’s freedom and employment. Client retained attroney Chelico for representation.

Case Results

Attorney Chelico represented Client first in the civil proceeding. Attroney Chelico objected to the introduction of any evidence in the civil proceeding on hearsay grounds. The court sustained the objection.

After the civil proceedings concluded in favor of Client, Attorney Chelico vigorously represented Client before the investigating law enforecement agency and disputed the allegations labeling them as frivilous and retaliatory. After the investigating agence completed its review, criminal charges were rejected.


Client was arrested and booked on felony charge of receiving stolen property. Subsequent to his release on bail, Client was contacted by the investigating law enforcement officer and was asked to make a statement. Client retained attorney Chelico for representation. Attorney Chelico represented Client with the investigating agency, demanded that charges be dismissed for insufficieny of evidence and declined an offer of a reduced charge in exchange for Client’s statement.

Case Results

At arraingment, no criminal charges were filed and client walked.


Client’s application for adjustment of status was denied 5 years ago on the basis that his age was over 21 and he was no longer a derivative of his parent’s approved petition. Client contacted attorney Chelico for representation. Attorney Chelico reviewed the case and determined that pursuant to a recent memorandum by USCIS, Client was eligible to apply for a motion to reopen and request that the previous denial be set aside. Attorney Chelico filed the motion to reopen, requested that the filng fee be waived due to a service error, and requested that the case be reopened and that Client’s previous application for adjustment of status be approved.

Case Results

The motion to reopen was granted and Client received his lawful permanent resident status in less than 4 months.