Extremely professional and knowledgeable

When I hired Nabil C. For my immigration case he gave my family and me instead hope. My case went all the way to the 9th circuit court of appeals, after 5 years he won my case, allowing me to stay in the U.S. He constantly kept me updated of what was happening, and always tried to explain everything that was going on, he never tried to cut me short, and always made sure I understood what he was explaining to me. Nabil is the best lawyer in town, if I ever needed a lawyer he would be the only one on my list. I couldn’t recommend him more,hands down THE BEST. Thank you very much.

- Sam

Car accident claim

Mr. Chelico represented my family in front of the State Farm insurance company in the matter of claim that raised from the car accident that my wife and 2 years daughter were involved. He successfully negotiated my wife’s personal injury claim and reimbursement for long term rental car expenses, which State Fram totally denied to cover initially. Mr. Chelico professionally took care on all aspects of our claim, permanently kept us updated on the claim development and overall provided high quality legal services.

- Alexander

The best Immigration attorney ever!!

I was referred to Mr. Chelico from a close friend. I met Mr. Chelico in his office. He was extremely professional, compassionate and made every effort to listen to my needs as well as address them. He fought tooth and nail to help me get my green card. I happy to announce that I most recently received my green card. All this could have not been done without the dedication, passion and drive of Mr. Chelico. I strongly recommend him to anyone that has any type of immigration issue, concern or just wants to become a resident. Thank you for all your help. I appreciate it.

- Anonymous