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Permanent Status with no work, money, investment or court

Sorry Avvo I give Mr. Nabil Chelico a rating a of 10, just for being a human first then a Lawyer, ( very rare in a busy fast city like Los Angeles). He is quit the professional lawyer who underline this DOES NOT ABUSE his power of knowledge and expertise in the complex field of immigration and criminal law and where some legal firms abuse the critical need and situation of their clients. Mr Nabil was courteous, discreet, very informative, and an expert in his upfront due diligence, which most immigration lawyers intentionally leave out with plans to get more money from you by prolonging your case thus charging more money, and they could care less if you get your case resolved even with the best case scenarios. I recommend him for kind of immigration visas, investment and non investment, because the success of your case has a lot to do with the character and reputation that represents yours to the government of new country which more cases than none is a desperate cry than an added luxury. Mr Nabil I am always grateful to your unmatched professionalism and intelligence.